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sasol-vacanciesOne of the best ways to break into an industry or to get a well-paying, stable job is by applying to work at a big, established company like Sasol.

Many people might feel too intimidated to apply because big companies like Sasol hold themselves to high standards and applicants might feel like they don’t measure up.

The first step to getting that dream job is by telling yourself that you deserve it. You never see any insecure CEOs and there’s a reason for that.

What is Sasol all about?

It’s unlikely that you’ve never heard of Sasol, but you might not be completely sure what they do or what career opportunities they offer.

Sasol is an integrated energy and chemicals company originating in South Africa, but they’re also present in the USA and Germany.

Their focus is on creating a supply of sustainable energy and chemical products. Jobs range from working in the Sasol coal mines to working in the head office. The salary that you receive from Sasol will depend on which position you apply for and can vary greatly.

Sasol is a great company for investors. They’re listed on the JSE in South Africa as well as the New York Stock Exchange in the USA. Investor interest in this company gives its employees an extra sense of security, since a company’s livelihood often relies greatly on the interest of investors.

Sasol is also known to be an investor itself. They support causes that develop and research areas relevant to the business, such as skill development and research in to sustainable chemical products.

They pride themselves on being an ethical and transparent company. This means that they will pay employees fairly, with the average Sasol salary being very reasonable.

What are the easiest ways to apply?

There are many ways you can go about applying to a job, but not all of them will be equally successful. Without a doubt, the best way to apply for a job at Sasol will be to visit a job vacancy board like the one here.

At the time of writing, there are 78 vacancies available at Sasol worldwide. 67 of those vacancies are in South Africa. If you find that there aren’t enough vacancies for your specific field, you could go another route.

For example, if you’re a general worker. Many of the Sasol vacancies for general workers will be listed on their own website before it gets added to job boards. Visit their website to see even more options.

Most of the Sasol posts on job boards will be those that are looking for a qualified candidate that can handle managerial tasks. Alternatively, they also use job boards to find candidates that can work in their laboratories.

General work listings can also be found on these job boards, but since applications for them tend to come in a lot faster than for the other positions, they’re highly competitive.

Visiting the company’s website and seeing the vacancies before they’re even listed on other job boards will give you that competitive edge.

Why should you use a job board website?

Using a job board is a lot more convenient when looking for a specific post, like say for example a laboratory job.

You can also use these job boards to search by your location and see what local job offers there are if you’re not willing to relocate.

If you live in Mpumalanga, you can easily narrow down your search by selecting that location. You’ll see that there are 51 jobs available in this area. You can narrow it down further by searching for a specific position until you find the one that suits you.

If you’re interested in an engineering job, you can search ‘engineering’ and find 17 vacancies at the time of writing this that fit the description in Mpumalanga.

Applying on a job board website is pure convenience. Once you’ve found a vacancy that you’d like to apply for, you can choose to save the job until later, apply on the website, apply with your LinkedIn profile or to send the job to a friend.

If you’re helping a friend or family member look for work, this will be a great help. Saving the jobs until later is also a convenient feature if you’re unsure about a position, but want to come back to it later.

What kind of salary can you expect?

This depends entirely on what position you apply for. A general worker isn’t going to earn as much as an engineer, because an engineer needs more qualifications that a general worker.

The average salary for a Sasol electrical engineer is between R194,902 – R920,401. The average salary for a general worker at Sasol is R219,712 – R407,224. This is without including bonuses and incentives, which could also affect how much you would be annually.

Sasol is no different from any other company in the way that they pay. Jobs that require more expertise and hours will be paid more, whereas jobs that only require the bare minimum qualifications won’t be paid as much.

Remember that these are starting salaries and there’s always room for promotions and raises based on your work performance.

Sasol is passionate about skills development and rewarding rising talents in the field. That’s why they offer so many learnerships and Sasol jobs for matriculants.

If you work hard and show that you’re different from the average employee, they’re sure to notice and you’ll be able to move up in the company.

Becoming a part of a big company like this would be a wise career move and young job seekers should especially consider applying to work at Sasol over smaller companies.

What qualifications will you need?

For the engineering jobs, Sasol will be looking at a few very specific requirements before even considering your application.

Taking this Civil Engineer posting for example, you’ll need BSc. Eng (civil), 3 years in the field of Civil engineering (BSc Eng/MSc Eng and PHD), successful completion of Apprenticeship model and you must have lead a Tier 4 capital project or supported on a Tier 1/2/3/Mega project (assisting a lead in a sub-section of the plant design).

These are the minimum requirements needed in order to apply. If you think you’d still be a good fit for the job, but you fall short on one of the requirements (for example, you only have two years of experience in civil engineering instead of three) you should still apply.

As long as you have the most important qualifications (your degree) and you think that you’re competent enough for the job, taking the chance is worth it.

In many cases, they won’t get many applicants who fit the requirements at all and will interview those that come closest. In this scenario, you can get the job even if you only have two years of experience.

This applies to all of the jobs available. Don’t be afraid to apply to any vacancy because you don’t completely meet the requirements.

The more you apply, the more likely you are to be hired. Persistence often trumps experience when you’re applying for work.

General workers will have less required of them, but if there is a requirement that you don’t have (for example, a code B license) consider getting this qualification for future job applications.

You might not get the qualification in time for the specific job you wanted, but it will help you a lot when searching for work in the future.

Constantly improving upon your CV and adding more qualifications to it is the best way to stay ahead in a competitive job market.

In conclusion, there are many amazing opportunities waiting if you decide to apply to work at Sasol.

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