Transnet Learnerships 2017 – How do I apply?

Chartered Accountant Training programme learnership 2017 by Transnet

What is Transnet?

Transnet, also known by its official name Transnet Freight Rail is a part of the Transnet Limited company, which is a public company with the Government of South Africa as its sole shareholder.

It is primarily a freight distribution network with over 38,000 employees spread all over the country. It boasts a vast network of interconnected rail networks and hauls a variety of different kinds of freight from South Africa to internal destinations as well as some destinations in 17 neighbouring countries.

Transnet Freight Rail does a great job of driving the South African economy in a profitable and sustainable direction.

Transnet Freight Rail is the largest part of the Transnet limited company and is made up of 6 business groups: Container and automotive; Agriculture and bulk liquids; Steel and cement, manganese and iron ore; Mineral Mining and chrome.

To be a part of Transnet Freight Rail is to be a part of the South African economy and infrastructure network.

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Who are ideal Transnet Learnership 2017 candidates?

Transnet has a strong vision for its employees and as such, candidates are expected to be among the highest professionally motivated people in the country.

The company wishes to cultivate loyalty towards the rail industry and wishes to deliver this by offering superior service to its customers.

Well trained and motivated employees form the standard amongst the Transnet employees, and as a candidate you will expected to maintain and live with his ethos of great customer service as a primary motivator.

Transnet is embarking on a great holistic employee centred training programme on the next seven years and will assist in attracting and retaining the very best in talent and the company as a whole wish to become an employer of choice.

The company has a great human resources operation as well as adapting organisational health and performance procedures to give employees ever piece of assistance they need.

The ideal candidate will be competent in the following areas:

  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Computer Literate
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • High Attention to Detail

What is the position?

This position is for students who wish to become a chartered account for Transnet. Choosing this as a career can promise great things in your future as you rise through the ranks in the finance unit of one of South Africa’s largest public companies.

You will gain valuable training and experience which will supercharge the begging of your career. Choosing to follow this course up with the Graduate in training programme will guarantee you consideration for some of Transnet’s most prestigious financial careers.

Providing that you study hard, and do everything you can to work toward your goal of becoming a chartered accountant with Transnet you will be awarded a place amongst a company which turns over more than 12Billion R every year.

Having this training and certification on your CV will open doors across the country, and maybe even across the world. It is an ideal place to start a career in the finance industry.

Are there any requirements for this Learnership?

Transnet offers this learnership position to young South Africans who are currently still in formal education and working towards BCompt Hons or the Certificate theory of accounting programmes. Current final year CTA students can also apply.

Further Requirements:

  • You must be a South African Citizen and hold the correct ID card.
  • The minimum entry accepted will the Certified theory of Accounting.
  • You must be doing your final year of the BCompt Hons degree or hold a CTA certificate.
  • You must have a high level of computer literacy.
  • As the learnership is about Accountancy you must be have a high level of numerical reasoning skills
  • Good verbal and written skills are highly preferred.
  • Excellent time management skills are required.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Assertive candidates are preferred.
  • A Goal oriented candidate will be selected.
  • Innovative people will be much more likely to achieve a successful candidacy.
  • Reliability is a core need for this role.

Transfers from other training organizations will not be considered.

What will I learn?

This learnership is a legally binding contract between the candidate, the employer and the service provider.

Courses will be taken over the period of 36 months.

You will be offered training support every step of the way and Transnet will do everything in its power to give you every chance of completing your course and achieving the career for which you strive.

Training Support

The training programme provides for:

  • Assessments
  • Exam technique courses
  • Revision courses
  • General business management training
  • Study leave for final exams
  • Supplementary courses


Mentors will be provided by Transnet and will be assigned to trainees, the mentors will be Transnet veterans who will have a wide knowledge of the organization and wise candidates will try to learn as much as possible form the mentors during the course.

Mentors are all there as volunteers and, as such, students should take extra care to gain valuable insights into the operating of the business to ensure success along the students chose career path.


Line managers will be present at all times to ensure students learning is uninterrupted. They will also attend assessment meetings and are responsible for all other aspects of the learner’s time at the company, including workstation, timesheet and annual leave authorisation.

How do I apply for the Transnet CAT Learnership?

To apply for the chartered accountants training CAT programme 2017, you must fill out an application form in your own handwriting.

The application can be downloaded here

  • You must also create an account on the Transnet internet pages which is here.
  • Take great care that you put in all the correct information, checking twice to make sure you have not made any mistakes.
  • When applying, specify the learnership post you are applying for as Chartered Accountants Training Program Learnership.
  • Attach copies of your certificates and identity documents. Your ID copies must have been certified within the last 3 months. This can be done at any police station.
  • Make sure you sign the document with your own unique signature.
  • When you have finished the application in your own handwriting, attach it with your Curriculum Vitae and email it to
  • Late or unsigned application forms will not be accepted.
  • Photocopied forms will not be accepted.

During the programme you will be responsible for your own accommodation, transport and meal costs. It is highly recommended that you apply for a learnership program which is very close to where you live.

How much will I be paid?

There is no stipend or payment for this programme, if you are from a poor background, it is recommended that you apply for a learnership bursaries in order to fund your learning.

Due to the wide variation of positions available it is hard to define what wage you will earn during your career. But the average wage for Transnet employees seems to range from R175000 all the way to R500000+ a year.

Are there bursaries available in 2017?

Yes, the Transnet bursary is the best solution for students who wish to learn and start a career with Transnet. The bursaries will only be given to well driven and enthusiastic students.

Any student with a previous background of poor studying habits or dropping out of education prior to applying to this bursary will have a hard time of being accepted.

The Transnet bursary has been created so that students form underprivileged backgrounds have a steady shot at securing a good career and future. The bursary money is to go toward your tuition fees, accommodation, required study material and training fees.

Successful candidates must work for Transnet for every year they are receiving financial aid from the company.

Transnet has the right to terminate any bursary if the bursar’s academic period is deemed unsatisfactory.

Bursary Requirements

  • You must be a South African Citizen and have up to date identification forms.
  • You must be medically fit.
  • Successful candidates must be willing to work during vacation period after the study period is complete and your career begins.
  • Bursary will only be awarded to those students who have shown the most respect toward their education.
  • Selected candidates must be available for interviews once the selection process begins.

How do I apply for a bursary

Download the application form here.

Once downloaded, print out and fill in the application form in your own handwriting.

  • Pay close attention to the application form, ensuring you enter all of your details correctly.
  • In the section called Intended Qualification – Write: Chartered Accountants Training Program Learnership.
  • Applicants must fill out their grade 11/12 and tertiary results as well as list any achievements they are proud of during their life.
  • Remember to sign and date the application.
  • Attach your complete school and university records to the application form with your ID papers.

Once completed Send your application in the mail to:

Transnet Bursary Office
Room 4206
Carlton Centre
150 Commissioner Street


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