How to find Learnerships in Gauteng

Even though Gauteng is the smallest province in South Africa but it has the highest population of 12 million people. Since it has urban area such as Johannesburg and Pretoria and industry area such as Vanderbijlpark and Midrand, you could find many government learnerships in Gauteng. To search for learnerships in Gauteng it would be better when you find a company that have headquarter in Gauteng area since they would most likely create learnerships in Gauteng. But there are also some companies that branches to Gauteng area and create learnership there.

Some of the companies that have learnerships in Gauteng area such as: learnerships in gautengInsurance Sector Education and Training Authority Learnership: This company is actually a mediator company that will be able to find a learnership for you in the insurance industry, since they related to many insurance company you would be able to find learnership that located in the Gauteng easier. Moreover this company is located in Braamfontein, center Johannesburg inside Gauteng so it would be easier for you to go there. When you get your learnership from them, you would get into many insurance fields such as life insurance, short term insurance, insurance and pension funding, risk management, health care benefits administration, unit trusts, funeral insurance, reinsurance, pension funding, activities auxiliary and financial intermediation. To apply learnership from them you should visit their official website in then go to the Intern Students/Learnerships Student Details page and go to the register page and register yourself by filling the form to then apply for the learnership.

UTi Sun Couriers Learnership: UTi Sun Couriers is a distribution company that specialize their delivery of small package and document throughout South Africa. This is why they have branches all over South Africa including in Gauteng. However to search for learnerships in Gauteng from this company you would need to search it in the learnership agency that they use at website because they take care all learnership from this company which is why you should frequently check the website especially on the month of October when the learnership would open. When you want to know more about the company itself you could try to visit UTi Sun Couriers official website in

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