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The Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa is the largest and oldest organization of independent (otherwise referred to as private) schools in Southern Africa.

Are you interested in working for ISASA in 2019? This organization is heavily involved with independent education in Southern Africa, making it the perfect place for motivated educators to find their dream jobs.

ISASA’s roots go all the way back to the Conference of Headmasters and Headmistresses, which was formed in 1929.

Although ISASA does not own or operate any school, it does have more than 760 school members in the Southern Africa region.

This region includes Zambia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Angola, Namibia, Swaziland, Botswana and South Africa.

In total, more than 168,000 students attend schools that are involved with ISASA in some way or another.

School membership to ISASA is completely optional, but many schools that are private prefer to make use of the non-profit organization for their services.

What Does ISASA Do?

ISASA offers a variety of voluntary services to the schools that are affiliated with them. These services include financial, advocacy, school best practice, professional development and other services.

One of their other services includes the employment of teachers and other people in educational institutions.

In short, ISASA assists with various functions of schools, but they are not directly responsible for running or governing any individual schools.

Private schools make use of ISASA because it adds to the quality of the educational experience for students to have the assistance of an organization like this on hand.

An annual fee paid from the independent schools secure their membership with the organization and gives them access to all the services offered by ISASA.

They describe their vision as being focused on improving private schools and helping them to prosper with the use of their services.

different kinds of jobs at ISASA

What Kinds of Vacancies Do They Have in 2019?

ISASA offers a variety of positions in 2019 within the educational institutions that are a part of their network.

Positions that are available include various teaching positions, but there are also a fair number of administrative vacancies that ISASA needs to fill on a regular basis.

Other jobs that are available include cleaning vacancies, drivers, handy men, guards, and other positions that would be needed at their affiliate schools.

What Kind of Salary Can You Expect?

Approximately R95,899 – R247,448 per annum can be expected when applying for a vacancy at ISASA. The exact salary depends largely on the nature of the vacancy that you have applied for.

Estimated salaries for specific positions can be found on job boards listing vacancies. The best way to determine what ISASA would offer for the type of work you are interested in is by going to view the vacancies.

How to Apply?

The best way to apply for a vacancy or find a vacancy is by visiting the ISASA site where they list available jobs as a service to their member schools, or check their @ISASAjobs twitter postings.

Information on where to send vacancy applications, along with any specific requirements, is included in the vacancy advertisements on the site.

Applications should never be sent to ISASA itself as the organization does not act as an employment agency. They simply post the adverts as provided by their members.

requirements for ISASA positions

What Types of Requirements Does ISASA Look For?

Requirements for ISASA positions depend largely on the vacancy that you’re applying for.

Teaching positions will require a tertiary qualification in teaching, whereas administrative positions will usually require at least two years of administrative experience.

The exact requirement per vacancy is often listed on job boards along with the vacancy. Generally it is safe to assume that the organization is looking for a mix of qualification and experience in their ideal candidates.

Is ISASA the Right Fit For Me?

If you’re someone who is passionate about education and bettering the world for Southern African students, ISASA is probably the right fit for you.

Since their mission is to work with independent schools in Southern Africa to help them prosper, they’ll have use for passionate employees that are also dedicated to the same cause.

Even if you’re not interested in being an educator, you can find a vacancy with ISASA. There are many other things that need to be done in a school environment other than teaching.

ISASA offers vacancies for school cleaners, school handy men, and even school drivers.

There is truly a position for everyone that is interested in working with schools to make the future better for our nation’s youngest minds.

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