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Founded in 1996 as the first black-owned and managed consulting firm in South Africa, Letsema has continued the ideals that were established when the company first burst onto the scene.

By building relationships, having a meaningful impact on African societies, and empowering people who can push for social and economic change, Letsema is at the forefront of uplifting its clients and society.

What Does Letsema Do?

Letsema is a management consulting firm in South Africa that provides direction setting, business acceleration and corporate sustainability services to its clients in the region.

The company works with organizations in the transport, financial services, energy and resources industries. Letsema works with both public and private sector organizations to drive growth, promote sustainability, push society forward and bring positive change to the world.

Clients who require advanced research, analytics and insight into their industry turn to Letsema for assistance. The company’s knowledge on sustainability, market segments, advancement in the face of competition and innovation helps organizations in South Africa and around the continent.


Formed through the Skills Development Act of 1998, BANKSETA was created to help stakeholders advance the industries of banking and micro-finance. BANKSETA promotes black-focused economic empowerment and employment equality.

How does the learnership work?

The Letsema learnership is a post-matric course that is geared towards unemployed matriculants who want to further their studies, gain knowledge and enter the workforce with the necessary skills to excel.

It is a one year course that will end with the participants gaining their NQF5 qualification in banking service advice.

What are the careers available with the NQF5?

When a candidate is approved for the learnership, they enter a program that will lead to them getting the NQF5. It stands for the National Qualifications Framework 5 certificate. It is a nationally recognized qualification that opens the door for a career of the candidate’s choosing.

The NQF Level 5 is ideal for pursuing a career in the banking sector. Around 156,000 people in South Africa work in this fast growing, fulfilling sector. Not only are new arrivals to the banking sector able to fulfil their work ambitions, but they are also put on a path to financial security.

What are the learnership requirements?

The requirements for the Letsema and BANKSETA learnership include the following:

  • South African citizenship
  • Completion of Matric
  • Gaining a minimum score of 60% in Matric English.
  • Gaining a minimum score of 50% in Matric Accounting
  • Gaining a minimum score of 60% in Matric Math or 60% in Mathematical Literacy.
  • Not having a job.
  • Being 30 or younger at the start of the learnership.
  • Completely clear credit record.
  • Flawless criminal record.
  • Professional image and conduct.
  • Not participating in other learnerships.
  • Not studying while the learnership is ongoing.
  • Proper command of English, both writing and verbal.
  • Getting an official testimonial or recommendation from a school, learning institute or religious school where the applicant studied.

How can you apply?

To apply for the learnership, it is necessary to access the necessary application forms and details. These are available through the official BANKSETA website. It is also a good idea for students to access the Learnership Agreement to understand what is expected of them during the program.

Applications can be completed from July to August every year. It can take up to six months before a candidate is recruited for the course. Certain documents will be required when applying for the learnership. These include:

  • South African Identity Document
  • Certificate of Matric
  • Testimonial or recommendation from a school, learning institute or religious school where the applicant studied.
  • Signature on a copy of the BANKSETA Letsema Learnership Agreement. It is available in PDF to download, read, fill out and sign.

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