Nursing Learnership Vacancies 2017 – All questions answered

Last update March 3, 2017

Who is a nursing learnership for?

Nursing learnerships are all about training people to become nurses. As a nurse, you will take on a number of roles, the main role being to look after the sick. Nursing learnerships offer interested candidates a chance to learn all the basics of becoming a nurse. If you have always looked after people close to you, and would like to help more people, this is the route you should take to attain that goal. These learnerships aim to give you a high quality education in the nursing field as the companies you work for will expect only the very best in health care and assistance to their patients.

The companies who you will be working for have main priorities such as preventing disease by utilising a highly efficient, quality and well trained workforce. Talented candidates have a great opportunity to prove their abilities to themselves and to their peers. These learnerships can result in life long, satisfying careers.

Is there any financial assistance during the learning period?

Yes. Those interested in nursing learnerships can apply for a Nursing Bursary.

Nursing bursaries vary depending on which area of study you choose. There are a few requirements that you have to have in order to be eligible for a nursing bursary. They are as follows.

You have to be a citizen of South Africa and hold ID that confirms this. You must also have a pre-approval form from the Department of Health that you wish to undertake the Nursing Learnership in. Applicants should be from a previously disadvantaged background and truly need the monetary assistance to take the learnership programme. Applicants should have some proof that they need financial assistance, such as a bank statement. Applicants should have a proven history of excelling in their education; you truly need to prove that you need this help and are not going to waste the chance.

How do you apply for a bursary?

Do some simple internet research and find a bursary you wish to apply for, this can be done using google. Once you have chosen a bursary that suits you, read all the information about it given by their website. Some bursary institutions have an online application option, if that is the case, fill out the online form and wait for your reply to arrive via Mail or email.

Other institutions require you to go in person to their office and apply. This usually involves a written application and an interview. Make sure you bring all the correct documentation along with you. The institute will provide you with examples of all the documents they require from you in order to process the bursary application.

Each bursary has its own closing date; further information can be found on the website of the bursary you are interested in applying for.

*Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital: Nursing Bursaries 2017

Coming up in 2017 is the Undergraduate and Paediatric Post Basic Nurse Training Bursaries at Nelson Mandela Childern’s Hospital in Johannesburg. The closing date for bursary application has yet to be determined by the hospital. Documentation required are:
– Copies of CVs
– Qualifications
– 3 Work References

Learn more about bursary details and apply through Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital official website here.

How long does it take?

The duration of nursing learnerships can vary depending on which subject you study and the qualification you seek. However, we do have some average timeframes for you to consider. Nursing Learnerships last, on average, between 2 and 4 years. Over that time you will accrue a total of around 2000 hours’ experience in the field. Your second year of study will focus on the scientific and academic side of nursing; both vital areas of study if you wish to become a qualified nurse.

What will I achieve?

If you finish the learnership and study hard, you will be awarded a diploma in nursing. The nursing diploma will open many career paths for successful and driven candidates. A few examples of the different doors that will open to you are: Mid-wifery, General Nursing, Community Nursing, Theatre Nursing, Auxiliary Nursing or a position in the Psychiatric fields.

Where is it?

This application is for the Department Of Health North West.
The following provinces are the locations for learnerships. To apply you must live in one of the following areas:

-Dr, Ruth Segomotsi District
-Bojanala District
-Madibeng District
-Ngaka Modiri Molema District
-Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District


Ideally, candidates should be between the ages of 18-35.

Also you should live in the area where you make your application. You do have to be a South African citizen. You must be proficient in spoken and written English, and have full control over the language.

Being computer literate is also a requirement as you will most likely be using computers on a day to day basis. The learnerships will take up a full time role, so you need to be unemployed, or willing to leave your current employment in order for the learnership to be a success.

Always include an up to date, professional curriculum vitae with your application. Make sure you have your contact details up to date so the Department can get into contact with you if necessary. Don’t forget to add copies of all of your certificates, ID and proof of address which is no older than 3 months.

Candidates should be extremely self-driven, with a passion to learn. Being part of a team is a big part of the medical field as a whole, so if you are not a team player, or a lone wolf, please do not apply.

Candidates who are flexible with a commitment to their studies will have the best chance of landing a learnership, and a strong willingness to learn is highly favoured.

Sufficient levels of education are also required for most of the roles. You should have a good understanding of:

-Life Sciences

Candidates must sign a learnership agreement with the department they apply to. This will cover the duration of which you will be learning and gaining experience during the program.

Chosen candidates will have to work at government hospitals and clinics throughout their learnerships and will occasionally be asked to work shifts over weekends and during holidays.

Recommended skills and interests

-You should have a great love of people, and be a highly patient person.
-You must have adequate problem solving skills and have confidence in them.
-Leadership and organisational skills will be preferred
-Keeping calm under pressure and during a crisis is highly valued
-You must display a great love for studying and learning
-Honesty and reliability will go a long way in this field
-Candidates who have great life skills, compassion for others and a caring nature are ideal for this role

To be a nurse you need to be willing to get your hands dirty, if you are a squeamish type of person or one who cowers at the sight of blood, this role isn’t for you. An interest in helping people is the core interest when going into a nursing role. Nurses tend to stick with their careers and stay dedicated for their entire lives; make sure you know that you want to be a nurse before applying.

How do you apply?

Online application is not available in this instance. Interested candidates should collect a copy of the application form from the Department of Health offices in their living area. All applications must be fully completed and signed before turning them in. All relevant information and important documentation must be certified and handed in with the application.

Applications which are due to be submitted must be taken directly to the same Department of health office from which it was originally taken from. Applications must be delivered in person, and any applications received via registered mail, email or fax will be discarded. Disabled candidates are welcome for this role, and should apply in the same way.

If you do not hear back from the Department of health within 2 months of the closing date, your application was unsuccessful and you have not been chosen for the programme. Only those who make it to the short list for the learnership will be contacted.

Further information can be found on the department’s website.

Districts included with this department are listed below:

-Dr, Ruth Segomotsi District
-Bojanala District
-Madibeng District
-Ngaka Modiri Molema District
-Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District

When do the entries close?

Entries for the learnership programs will end at the end of April every year. If you miss this deadline you will have to wait until the following year and apply then.

What salary to expect?

The Nursing learnership will come with a monthly stipend of R1500 which amounts to a total annual income of R18000. This will increase as you further your career. Average incomes for fully qualified nurses are between R170,000 and R250,000. Additionally, some departments award high performing nurses with a bonus which can range from R247 to R37,000.

See the above section on learnership bursaries if you need financial assistance in order to take on the learnership programme.

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